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Every South Dakota student will soon have access to GIS

The state of South Dakota has selected ESRI to supply a comprehensive statewide K-12 software license.The license will allow the state to use GIS software with every instructional computer in all of South Dakota’s public and private K-12 schools. The state’s Department of Education and Cultural Affairs (DECA) will be responsible for implementing the GIS initiative.

Specifically, South Dakota has licensed ArcView for Windows as well as Macintosh, ArcView Image Analysis extension for Windows (from ERDAS/Leica Geosystems), and the ArcAtlas data set. The data layers in ArcAtlas provide information on political boundaries, population density, natural landscapes, transportation networks, elevation zones, bioclimatic soils, earthquakes and faults, vegetation, and precipitation.

In addition to classroom lessons that incorporate GIS, students will be involved in a statewide project to collect data with global positioning system (GPS) units that can be downloaded into ArcView. That data will be compiled into a state-level view of South Dakota that will then be displayed on the Internet for all to view.

DECA will also be using ArcView to produce a set of very accurate and detailed school district boundaries and building locations. Districts will be asked to check the digitized map to ensure that boundary data is kept up-to-date.