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Europe’s satellite navigation market is surging, says GSA Director

France: The market for applications and services in Europe’s satellite navigation system is picking up fast as businesses latch on to its many benefits, said Carlo des Dorides, Executive Director of the European GNSS Agency (GSA) at the Intergeo Conference.

During the satellite navigation conference, Carlo des Dorides explained that slowly but surely, Europe’s global navigation satellite system (GNSS) was coming together, with businesses showing more and more interest in both the forthcoming Galileo satellite system and the operational EGNOS, Europe’s satellite-based augmentation system.

“It is true that Galileo has had ups and downs in recent years, but everything is in place for real success from 2014, when the Galileo satellites will be at initial operating capability,” des Dorides said. “We are seeing more and more offerings in this sector,” he added.

He pointed to the growing number of applications already using EGNOS, which augments GPS signals over Europe, thus making them suitable for safety-critical applications. In May, GSA published its GNSS Market Report, providing both an overview of the current fast-growing sector and forecasts for the years ahead.

The report, des Dorides said, predicted total enabled revenues from the GNSS market to rise at an average of 13 per cent per year by 2016, by which time price erosion and platform convergence will help stabilize the market. By 2020, global shipments will exceed one billion units, driven by growth in emerging economies, he indicated.

The new GNSS services promise huge savings in time and money for both customers and businesses, des Dorides said. Over the next 15 years, from now until 2027, European GNSS services could generate EUR 60-90 billion in socio-economic benefits in Europe.

Source: GSA