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European Space Imaging wins $30m EC contract

Paris: European Space Imaging has won a four-year contract with the European Commission valued at 22.3 million euros ($30.1 million) to provide satellite data supporting the commission’s Common Agricultural Policy, whose enforcement includes verification of land use. Munich-based European Space Imaging is a Direct Access Partner of DigitalGlobe. As such it directly tasks DigitalGlobe’s high-resolution satellites for sale and distribution in the company’s sales region in Europe and North Africa.

Satellite imagery with a ground resolution sharper than 50 centimeters in black and white, and 2 meters in color, is degraded to these levels to meet US regulations on commercial data sales. DigitalGlobe has asked the U.S. government to relax these limits. European Space Imaging’s contract with the commission’s Joint Research Center will feature contributions from its partners GAF of Germany, which provides software for image processing, and the German Aerospace Center, DLR, whose Oberpfaffenhofen facility is supporting the project.

Source: Spacenews