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European Space Imaging to provide 30cm imagery

Germany, March 20, 2015: European Space Imaging announced that they would supply 30 cm imagery from the WorldView-3 satellite to European and North African customers.

"We are happy to be able to offer our European and North African customers access to this cutting edge imagery," said Adrian Zevenbergen, Managing Director, European Space Imaging. "Also, as it is competitively priced against aerial imagery we believe it will contribute to greater understanding and analysis for users who decide to explore its potential".

In addition, many customers who were previously reliant on aerial imagery can now benefit from the improved economics, global availability, and faster refresh rate that European Space Imaging can provide with its 30cm satellite imagery. Imagery of this resolution was previously only available from aerial platforms, which are difficult, costly, or impossible to access in many parts of the world. The 30 cm imagery products are also a rapid and affordable alternative in locations where aerial imagery is readily available. New imagery orders can be delivered on timescales of days or weeks, as opposed to months, in many cases, and customers can also leverage a rapidly growing volume of available 30 cm archive imagery.

Source: European Space Imaging