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European Satellite to measure polar melting

Michigan, USA, 04 June 2007: IDV Solutions announced the release of a new product within their Visual Fusion Suite of softwares, titled Visual Fusion Tile Server (VFTS), offering new functionality and capabilities for web based mapping.

Visual Fusion Tile Server provides a tool for organizations to serve up imagery and other web mapping services (WMS) with enhanced performance capabilities by taking advantage of advances in map tiling and caching. VFTS serves up map tiles compatible with Virtual Earth 2D and 3D map controls, and also caches the tiles, enabling map access while off line or in a disconnected environment. In addition, using the Virtual Earth 3D control Visual Fusion Tile Server tiles can be draped in 3D to produce visuals of enterprise data. Combined with the Microsoft technology, Visual Fusion Tile Server is part of the Visual Fusion Suite to offer a visual composite application platform.

About IDV Solutions:
IDV Solutions is a visual composite applications company. IDV’s suite of products, Visual Fusion SuiteTM, helps organizations engage their enterprise data in an interactive, easy to use, web-based environment. Through the visual integration of various data sources, IDV delivers composite applications.