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European satellite navigation framework agreed

Brussels: The member states” Permanent Representatives have endorsed the compromise reached between the Council and the European Parliament in their negotiations on a new financial and governance framework for the European satellite navigation systems (EGNOS and Galileo) for the period covered by the multi-annual financial framework for 2014-2020. In order to enter into force, the draft regulation stills needs to be formally approved by the Parliament and the Council.

As regards the main issues of discussion between the Council and Parliament on this draft regulation, the negotiations have delivered the following compromise solutions:
– The development of applications based on the satellite navigation systems, such as chipsets and receivers, has been added as one of the objectives, with a view to maximising the socio-economic benefits from the programmes. A maximum amount of EUR 100 million at constant 2011 prices will be made available under the budget of the programmes to this end. It has, however, been underscored that such financing must not jeopardise the deployment and operation of the satellite navigation infrastructure.
– The Commission, which will be responsible for the security of the programmes, will be given the power to lay down high-level objectives in this respect.
– Stronger emphasis has been put on the possibility to extend EGNOS coverage to other regions of the world, in particular candidate countries, non-EU countries belonging to the Single European Sky and countries of the European Neighbourhood Policy.

Source: Consilium