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European project aims to create new geospatial intelligence services

An I+D Decumanus European project, led by Indra, aims to create new geospatial intelligence services to support urban development and improve quality of life in cities. “These services will provide information on several variables related to climate, land use, energy efficiency and health in every area of ​​the city”, says a statement.

Coordinated by Indra, 11 companies and organizations from eight countries will work for two and a half years with the purpose of providing advanced planning tools, to authorities and experts, that help them define their urban development strategies in order to adapt geospatial services to specific needs of the different cities, which face different problems and challenges. The consortium will include the participation of Antwerp, Helsinki, London (Kensington and Chelsea), Madrid and Milan as end users.

“Decumanus will integrate four main services. The first will provide weather data that will serve the city in the future to adapt to urban development. The second will allow more accurate control of land use, an issue that directly affects temperature and climate in different areas. These two services are complemented by the creation of tools that facilitate the management of geo-referenced information on energy efficiency. Areas where larger amounts of CO2 are emitted and areas where energy is lost due to excessive lighting or buildings that make an inappropriate use of cooling and heating systems could be detected. A last group of services provides information related to health and will allow to know, for example, the influence of urban growth, climate and air quality in citizens’s quality of life. It will also help to predict the impact of heat waves and pollution in different age groups, people with allergies and respiratory and/or cardiovascular problems”.

Source: Diário Digital