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European Patent Commission upholds NovAtel’s core GNSS tech patent

NovAtel Inc., a precise positioning technology company in Canada, announced that the European Patent Office (EPO) has upheld the Company’s Narrow Correlator Tracking Technology patent (EP 0488739 B2). The Board of Appeals of the EPO ruled on February 4, 2004 that the patent is valid, requiring only minor changes to certain of the broader claims of the patent. The patent was the subject of an Opposition in Europe filed in 1997; NovAtel filed an appeal in 1999.

According to Pat Fenton, Chief Technology Officer for NovAtel, “We are very pleased with this ruling as it confirms NovAtel’s ownership of this important core Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS) technology. We anticipate that this may result in future licensing and royalty opportunities.”

NovAtel is known for its Narrow Correlator tracking technology. This core GNSS technology delivers a significant improvement in positioning accuracy, instantaneously and in real-time, utilizing satellite ranging signals. Narrow Correlator has been claimed to have revolutionized the GPS industry by successfully challenging the notion that high precision was possible only with P-code tracking or more expensive dual frequency receivers.