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European Atlas of the Seas enables users to create own marine and coastal maps

A revamped European Atlas of the Seas has just been released, offering stunning maps, new features and even more content. With its vast array of interactive marine information, the Atlas is the go-to tool to explore and understand Europe’s marine environment and how we use it.

The Atlas offers a wealth of easily accessible maps and at-a-glance metrics on diverse marine topics such as nature, tourism, security, energy, passenger transport, sea bottom, sea level rise, fish consumption, and much, much more. Currently available in four languages (EN, FR, DE & ET), the Atlas will soon be available in all official languages of the European Union.

With the new release, visitors of the Atlas are invited to explore and create their own marine and coastal maps. These maps can be printed, shared and embedded in articles or presentations.

“The Atlas will prove to be insightful for the general public, as well as a must-have resource for educators, researchers and professionals to enhance their knowledge or improve their products and services”, declared Jan-Bart Calewaert, Head of the EMODnet Secretariat.