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Europe to adopt new rules for drone operation

Belgium: Seppe Oyen, Community Manager, Limburg drone campus Droneport told New Mobility, “Belgium introduced its own set of rules in 2016, but the new European rules are going to be much different.  

Oyen added, “The old rules used the theory “that nothing is allowed unless we say otherwise. The new rules are just the opposite: anything is possible unless we say something is not.”

According to new rules, drones weighing up to 25 kilograms can fly 120 metres high as long as they avoid crowds. It is mandatory for drones that that weigh more than 250 grams to have an alarm system, these drones must be able to send a signal and data about its position, height, flight direction, and pilot. Top ensure that the drone does not enter an unauthorised area, the UAV’s must be equipped with a warning system.

According to a report in The Brussels Times, the Belgian Civil Drone Council met on 2nd July to analyse the new rules.