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Europa Technologies wins OS award for map service

UK: Europa Technologies received Ordnance Survey (OS) MasterMap award for Better Mapping at the British Cartographic Society (BCS) Annual Symposium in Basingstoke, UK. The organisation has been recognised for its work in rendering OS MasterMap large-scale mapping for Great Britain, as delivered through its viaEuropa hosted map service.

After the presentation by Ordnance Survey, Warren Vick, Founder and Director of Europa Technologies commented, “We are thrilled to have won this award. Good cartographic design is essential for users to correctly interpret complex visual information. Thank you to Ordnance Survey for continuing to capture and supply world-class data and to the British Cartographic Society for its ongoing efforts to highlight the value of cartography”.

The judges from Ordnance Survey made the following remarks on the entry from Europa Technologies: “The judges felt the use of OS MasterMap as part of a consistently styled zoom stack adds great value for customers of Ordnance Survey’s products via the use of cutting-edge software and techniques. Europa Technologies have applied excellent cartographic design and created a set of web map tiles that maximise the visual elements of OS MasterMap Topography Layer. The consideration for those with colour vision deficiencies is also a great feature of the design, affording accessibility to all users.”

The award comes at a time when Europa Technologies is seeing a significant growth in interest in the viaEuropa hosted map service. Duncan Hill, Business Development Manager, commented “We are delighted to see that organisations are really starting to see the business benefits of consuming data-as-a-service. As an example of this, the Welsh Government has broadened its use of the service to serve data into additional public-facing applications, including for Marine Conservation Zones, whilst a leading insurance company is now taking advantage of our HTTPS capability to securely deliver detailed base mapping to its staff. We expect the attractive ROI that the service offers to continue to win new converts in the coming months, particularly whilst public and private sector organisations alike are striving to optimise working practices and deliver savings”.

Source: Europa