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Europa Technologies launches new map data products

UK: Geo-data service provider Europa Technologies has announced release of digital global map data products. The new 2014.1 version will be available for Global Insight, Global Insight Plus, Global Discovery, Global Elements and Global 360.

Designed to be "glocal", the data suite is directed at international organisations which require a standard product with extensive support for localisation. This release represents the most up-to-date digital map of the world and includes many political and administrative changes. The gazetteer of populated places has been increased to over 930,000 locations world-wide. Country, city and ocean names in the Thai and Vietnamese languages have been added, increasing the number of supported languages to nineteen.

For the first time, the global products include climate profiles which provide monthly average temperature and precipitation for each populated place. The addition of this new layer enables new application areas such as travel planning.

Source: Europa Technologies