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Euromap GmbH Introduces IRS-P6 RESOURCESAT-1

Euromap GmbH, a wholly owned subsidiary of GAF AG and the DFD installation at Neustrelitz of the German Aerospace Centre (DLR) have started receiving data from the new Indian Remote Sensing Satellite, IRS-P6 Resourcesat-1. The Indian constellation of EO satellites is marketed through ANTRIX, the commercial arm of the Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO) and Space Imaging, which has obtained international commercial rights.

Euromap has entered into an agreement with Antrix and SI to receive and distribute Resourcesat-1 data collected over Europe and North Africa.

Euromap represents the only IRS-P6 receiving and distribution facility in Europe. The latest agreement marks the continuation of a successful cooperative campaign between the German Aerospace Centre (DLR) and Euromap which started in 1996 with the reception of IRS1C and 1D.

The IRS Resourcesat-1 (IRS-P6) was successfully launched into sun synchronous orbit on October 17, 2003 with a planned mission life of five years. The IRS-P6 continues the high quality service provided by IRS-1C/D but with vastly enhanced data quality delivered by three improved multi-spectral cameras. IRS-P6 data will be acquired by a world-wide network of ground stations. The initial station in India at Shadnagar is now complemented by the Neustrelitz ground station as part of a world wide network for the reception of operational IRS-P6 data.

A solid state recorder on board the P6 satellite ensures global coverage while the unique combination of swath width, radiometric, spatial resolution and timely delivery allows the IRS-P6 sensors to address a full range of user requirements.