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Euromap delivers Resourcesat 1 data to ESA

Neustrelitz, Germany: Euromap GmbH, an exclusive supplier of Indian Remote Sensing (IRS) data in Europe and the European Space Agency (ESA), responsible for the GMES data access as part of the GMES Space Component, announced that the delivery of ortho products and system corrected products from IRS P6 Resourcesat 1 data acquired during 2011 have been completed. The delivery consisted of 1221 system corrected and ortho products and covers about 3 Mio km2 cloud-free European territory. It exceeded the 2 Mio km2 that are contractually due to be delivered by November 15, 2011 and accounts for approximately 52 percent of the first coverage of the Optical High Resolution Pan-European Coverages 2011/2012 of the GMES Data Warehouse (CORE_001).

A corresponding GMES Space Component – Data Access – Data Warehouse (GSC-DA DWH) contract, which covers the supply of data from the IRS P6 Resourcesat-1, Resourcesat-2, IRS-P5 Cartosat 1, IRS-1C and IRS 1D missions and the improvement of interfaces, was signed in August 2011 between ESA and a Euromap-led consortium with the German Aerospace Centre (DLR) working as a sub-contractor.

Frithjof Barner, Technical Director of Euromap, said, “Thanks to the installation of an improved version of the CATENA ortho processor developed by DLR’s Remote Sensing Technology Institute within the Euromap premises, we were able to better integrate and monitor the processor, which led to significantly reduced processing times. Having approximately 57 percent of the area acquired cloud-free within the region-specific acquisition windows with Resourcesat-1 during 2011 and planning the installation of the Resourcesat-2 ground segment during the winter months, we look forward to complete the first coverage for CORE_001 during 2012.”

Source: Euromap