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Euromaint Rail deploys Trimble’s R2M real-time remote diagnostic system

Sweden: Euromaint Rail has deployed the Trimble R2M real-time remote diagnostic system to manage the maintenance of fleets running on Stockholm Commuter lines and Norrtåg regional rail lines.

The deployment is part of Euromaint Rail’s Remote Vehicle Monitoring (RVM) program to enhance its customer service by providing a modern and reliable condition-based maintenance strategy.

As the Nordic region’s leading independent supplier of rail transport maintenance services, Euromaint Rail provides qualified technical rolling stock fleet maintenance for train operating companies.

The Trimble R2M real-time remote diagnostic system will be one of the key components in Euromaint Rail’s RVM program to support its overall fleet reliability and availability objectives.

The RVM program will be used to manage the maintenance of the Alstom Coradia (LIREX) trains maintained by Emtrain, a joint venture of MTR and Euromaint Rail—129 Stockholm Commuter trains and 12 Tågkompaniet Norrtåg trains maintained by Euromaint Rail.

The roll out includes fitting Trimble NCU control units—industry approved on-board condition monitoring devices that comply with the international railway EN50155 standard for electronic equipment—on rolling stock.

The NCU control units connect to a large number of on-board train signals and systems to access condition data from vehicles without on-board train management systems.

Trimble R2M uses this data to provide valuable real-time status about the rolling stock and its component systems before a vehicle reaches the maintenance depot, enabling swift, focused and cost-effective maintenance activity when investigating and repairing faults.

“Our customers’ continued excellence at meeting punctuality and safety standards is supported by Euromaint Rail providing high-quality maintenance and high levels of rolling stock availability,” said Ove Bergkvist, CEO at Euromaint Rail.

“With the roll out of the Trimble R2M system to support our condition-based maintenance strategy as part of the RVM program, we will be working hard to ensure that the standard of our service to customers continues to improve.”