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EuroGeographics elects Ingrid Vanden Berghe as President

Belgium: EuroGeographics elected Ingrid Vanden Berghe as its president during the company’s 2011 general assembly, EuroGeographics Messenger reported.
Ingrid has served as an adviser to several Belgium Cabinet Ministries and before taking up her current role at the Belgium national mapping agency, she was the Director of the Christian Democrat parties’ Centre for Political, Economic, and Social Studies (CEPESS). She started her career as a scientist at the Leuven University, Belgium, entering public service in 1989 as an agricultural engineer for the Department of Land Use Development in the Flemish Region.
After being elected as the President Ingrid said, “As President, it is a great privilege to represent so many highly-skilled and knowledgeable GI professionals. This is an exciting time for EuroGeographics as its members  work  towards  creating  the  European  Location  Framework,  a  technical infrastructure  which  delivers  authoritative,  interoperable,  cross-border  geospatial reference  data  for analysing  and  understanding  information  connected  to  places and features.
“We  want  more  people  to  understand  the  value  of  interoperable  authoritative  geoinformation  and  we  want  more  people  to  be  using  it  so  that  it  benefits  all  sections of European society. Raising awareness of its uses is one of my key aims for the next two years.”
Source: EuroGeographics