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EuroGeographics appoints Julius Ernst as Chair of C&LR KEN

Belgium: EuroGeographics announced that Julius Ernst from Austria’s Federal Office of Metrology and Surveying is the new Chair of its Cadastre & Land Registry Knowledge Exchange Network (C&LR KEN). Ernst succeeded Prof Bengt Kjelsson who has become Director General of The Swedish Mapping, Cadastral and Land Registry Authority.
The C&LR KEN is one of five knowledge exchange networks within the Association for National Cadastral, Land Registry and Mapping Authorities. Its members are working to provide state-of-the-art services for the diverse range of users in property and land information markets. These include policy makers and those from the environmental, housing, transportation, agriculture and tourism sectors. The group, which also comprises members from the National Survey and Cadastre, Denmark; National Land Survey of Finland; Federal Office of Topography, Switzerland; and Cadastre and Land Registry Agency, The Netherlands, works closely with a wide range of related organisations such as the EU Permanent Committee on Cadastre (PCC), the European Land Registry Association (ELRA) and the European Land Information Service (EULIS).
“More than half of EuroGeographics’ members are responsible for developing and maintaining national cadastres and land registers,” said Ernst. “These are an integral part of both national and international spatial data infrastructures and a vital component of the European Location Framework, forming the backbone of land administration and the property market by providing the link between financial, legal, environmental, land use, valuation, agricultural and zoning information.”
“Accurate and authoritative information about the cadastral parcel and the legal rights and restrictions on land and property are vital to the vitality of the European economy. Providing secure access to all relevant information and transactions in electronic form, in one place, online is increasingly important to financial institutions, the legal profession and investors. Our members recognise the crucial role they play in providing reliable land and property information, facilitating a vibrant property market for individuals and investors and upholding the rights of citizens across Europe to have their assets securely registered.”
EuroGeographics’ knowledge exchange networks, which also focus on business interoperability; European policy; quality; and implementation of the INSPIRE Directive, bring together experts from its member organisations to share best practice, exchange experiences and discuss the day-to-day issues facing all national cadastral, land registry and mapping  authorities. GI professionals can contribute to these debates by registering at www.eurogeoforum.eu, an online resource for facilitating the exchange of views and information.
Source: www.eurogeographics.org