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EuroDirect launch International Marketing GIS through GDC Partnership

In the development of DemoGraf* International, EuroDirect have recently formed a partnership with GDC, the UK’s foremost provider of Global Digital Mapping Solutions. By combining GDC’s excellent mapping knowledge and experience, with EuroDirect’s renowned aptitude for developing international market analysis and classification systems, a GIS solution has been developed which provides both visual and quantitative information on the demographic, socio-economic and geographic makeup of multi-national markets.

GDC’s involvement in the development of DemoGraf* International centres on GeoPlanet, a vector mapping dataset with global coverage. By using the integral GDC data, users can add different mapping layers to their international maps including postal, administrative and geographical boundaries, transportation routes, urban centres and rural features. These layers are standardised across all countries to enable users to produce consistent result regardless of international boundaries.

In conjunction with the mapping facility which enables market visualisation, DemoGraf* International can also be used to identify and target prospective customers by using EuroDirect’s integral CAMEO Classification systems. EuroDirect can now provide access to a number of key European markets, including the UK and Eire, Germany, Netherlands, Spain, Sweden, Italy and Austria.