EUMETSAT signs EO agreement with the African Union

EUMETSAT signs EO agreement with the African Union


Belgium: EUMETSAT and the African Union have signed a Memorandum of Understanding on cooperation on earth observation as well as the implementing arrangement for the Monitoring of Environment and Security in Africa (MESA) project, funded by the European Development Fund (EDF).

The new Memorandum of Understanding on earth observation establishes a political mechanism for ensuring that future cooperation will continue to benefit all African Union member states.

Over the last 20 years, EUMETSAT has developed its cooperation with Africa on access and applications of its satellite data, in particular in major capacity building projects funded by the EDF, like PUMA (Preparation for the use of MSG in Africa) and AMESD (African Monitoring of the Environment for Sustainable Development). EUMETSAT has deployed about 400 low cost data receiving stations over the entire African continent, through which African users can access in real time the full EUMETSAT data stream and environmental information and forecasts from other partners.