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EU seeks Nigeria partnership to market Galileo and Egnos

European Union

A three-man delegation from the EU visited the National Office for Technology Acquisition and Promotion (NOTAP) in Abuja, Nigeria, to market Galileo and Egnos Satellite navigational signals and discuss partnership and exchange experiences on market development opportunities to grow their global programme.

Augusto Gonzalez, leader of the delegation, and also Adviser, EU Satellite Navigation Programmes of the European Commission (EC) said that the EU has identified Nigeria as an important hub in Africa and seeks to market Galileo and Egnos, which are a constellation of 22 satellites in space that Nigeria can take advantage of as it was available to the public free of charge and provides improved global positioning.

Gonzalez revealed that the satellites could be deployed to enhance safety in terms of disasters and emergencies and also enhance industrial development.

Satellites like the Galileo, he stressed, could be deployed for E-call technology, which can automatically trigger to call for attention in case of an accident or emergency and the distressed car or vessel located within 10 minutes.

He disclosed that the technology, which has a high accuracy service would also be useful for the proposed self-driving vehicle revolution, Smartphone GPS and precision agriculture, among others.