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EU revises wheat yield forecast for 2011 in Ukraine

Ukraine: Wheat yield in Ukraine in 2011 can make up 3.22 tons/ha, which is 14 percent better against the June forecast, it is said in a review of the European Union’s MARS (Monitoring Agriculture with Remote Sensing). Therefore, crops capacity in Ukraine can exceed 10.6 percent the average crop capacity over five years (2.91 tons/ha).

The yield of barley in Ukraine is forecasted by MARS at 2.34 tons/ha, which is 3.3 percent up against the average value, corn yield – 4.85 tons/ha (12 percent up against the average yield). “Favourable dry conditions promoted harvesting of winter cultures. Conditions for corn ripening were moderate. In any case, very good development, received under favourable conditions over the previous period, leads to a good yield this season. Rains at the beginning of September fell on winter sowings, however, at the same time, they could have a positive influence on the already sowed seeds,” the review quoted.

Earlier, in mid-June, the EU downgraded its forecast for wheat yield in Ukraine. According to MARS review, wheat yield in Ukraine in 2011 could be 3.2 percent down against the average value over recent five years and make up 2.82 tons/ha. A forecast of the barley yield for Ukraine was also downgraded from 2.3 to 2.23 tons/ha. In May, it was expected that the wheat yield will exceed the average value by 0.3 percent to 2.9 tons/ha. On August 6, Agrarian Policy and Food Minister Mykola Prysiazhniuk said that Ukraine is considering gathering 60 percent of cereal grain from the forecasted yield of 50 million tons. In the meantime, harvesting of early grain crops was completed in Ukraine, 34.2 million tons of grain was harvested and thrashed.

Source: www.nrcu.gov.ua