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EU initiative to map cyber repression

France: The European Union (EU) is about to launch “a global monitoring system that will help chart digital repression by mapping the Internet’s “cyber geography” in near real time,” according to a report published in TechPresident.

The idea builds on last year”s EU initiative ‘No Disconnect’ , which offers tools and training to activists using the Internet in repressive / authoritarian regimes like Syria. The new initiative will map cyber repression across the world.

The European Corporate Security Association (ECSA) will attempt to pull together, aggregate and visualise up-to-date intelligence about the state of the Internet across the world. It will show content filtering, blocking, or other disruptions to the Web, among other things. ECSA could prove to be a vital resource, particularly if it is opened up for free public use. By centralising and mapping data about surveillance and censorship in near real time, it would help inform not only EU politicians but journalists, lawmakers, human rights activists and citizens internationally. Andrea Glorioso, the European Commission officer responsible for ECSA said that the aim was to make the platform “as open as possible, both for contributing and for accessing it.” However, he added, “choices might have to be made depending on the sensitivity of the information being handled.”

The tentative launch date for the ECSA prototype is in 2013.

Source: TechPresident