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EU funds ‘i-Going’ project to enhance indoor navigation

Belgium: The European Union (EU) funded ‘i-GOing’ project. The project aims to design, develop and demonstrate a precise indoor navigation service based on Galileo and advanced ‘pseudolite’ technologies. Pseudolites are small transceivers that are used to create a local, ground-based GNSS alternative.

According to the European GNSS Agency’s (GSA) press statement, the fund has been granted under the Seventh Research Framework Programme. It claimed that ‘i-Going’ is the only project currently dealing with indoor positioning.

With the help of pseudolites, users will be able to locate themselves using GPS and Galileo signals, and then continue to receive accurate location signals in a seamless transition while moving into a building equipped with pseudolites.

Better than one meter accuracy will boost new indoor applications allowing users, for instance, to reach departure gates more quickly and efficiently, reducing the significant cost consequences of the notorious ‘lost passenger’.

For businesses, in airports, train stations or shopping centres, it will mean commercial advertisements can be aimed at the ‘right buyer’ standing in front of the ‘right shop’.

Source: GSA