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EU delegation visit AEB and proposes partnerships

Six members representing the European Union (EU) in Brazil were this week in a meeting with the President of the Brazilian Space Agency (AEB), José Raimundo Coelho. Linked to industrial and research sectors they showed the entity interest in analyzing potential partnerships and cooperation in the space field. The group also proposed promoting a joint workshop, scheduled for June 6, focusing on issues related to Earth observation.

One of the items discussed at the meeting was the EU”s interest in Brazilian participation in the Galileo Project, a satellite tracking system similar to the U.S. GPS and to the Russian Glonass. Another proposal to be studied is the formation of a satellite data distribution center for various fields of application.

When complete, Galileo system will have a total of 30 satellites (GPS has 24) and should provide location services primarily to the civilians through any country. They will be in three positions in an orbit of 23,222 km high, disposed to covering any point on the Earth”s surface.

Besides the European countries, the project has the support of others who are not part of Europe as Ukraine, China, Israel, India, Morocco, Saudi Arabia and South Korea. In the Americas, the EU is also interested in the participation of Argentina, Mexico and Canada.

Source: AEB