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Ethiopia to adopt Rwanda’s land registration system

Ethiopia: Ethiopia will apply Rwanda’s land registration process because it is efficient and cheap, according to Tigistu G. Abza, the Ethiopian Director of Rural Land Administration. He said “Ethiopia is still using rope for measurements, a traditional method of registering land. World Bank recommended us to learn Rwanda’s system.

“An alternative for this method is the GIS, which also requires cars for transport and surveyors to measure plots. The aerial photographic method, where we use airplanes to take a photo of an area, costs USD 7 per plot of land. In the GIS one plot costs USD 30,” Didier G. Sagasha, the Deputy Director General of National Land Centre (NLC), observed.

He noted that national registration has so far has cost EUR 3 million. According to statistics from NLC, 45 percent of the country has been demarcated. “We want to complete the land registration operation by 2013,” said Sagasha.

The exercise, which began two years ago, aims at helping the government deal with land disputes. It is also gives people confidence to invest in land.

Source: allAfrica