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ETCOG announces IT, GIS services through regional technology solutions

USA: ETCOG has announced a program expansion and website launch for Regional Technology Solutions, offering quality Information Technology (IT) and expanded Geographic Information Systems (GIS) subcontracting services for East Texas jurisdictions and agencies who are ETCOG members.

ETCOG began offering technology solutions to its members over 10 years ago with the creation of customized GIS mapping services and 9-1-1 address mapping. It has since expanded to serve our member’s IT, GIS, and other technology needs at an affordable cost.

“It’s our job to provide regional solutions for our members,” said ETCOG Executive Director, David Cleveland. “Finding affordable IT service or being able to hire the staff needed to handle the work is difficult for some of our Cities and Counties. Many of our member jurisdictions have subcontracted with ETCOG for GIS services for years, resulting in many successful projects, and meeting a need that would otherwise require them to hire more staff and spend thousands of dollars on software licensing. Our Regional Technology Solutions program has now been expanded to cover more service capacities.” 

Available IT services through Regional Technology Solutions include service level agreements, remote monitoring and support, data backup and off-site storage, server and workstation patching, network management and security, active directory administration, service/help desk, ticket escalation process, on-site support, new hardware configuration, and license renewal reminders. GIS services offered include mapping solutions, aerial video/photography, consolidated maps, demographic information, road and bridge center lines, precincts and districts, voting geometries, scanning and multimedia printing of large maps.