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Etawah city in India to host lion safari

Etawah, India: The Uttar Pradesh state government, India, selected a 50- hectare tract of land in Fisher Forest, Etawah, to develop a miniature version of South Africa’s Kruger National Park, which is famous for lion safari.

The layout and master plan are being prepared by employing GIS technology. Agra divisional forest officer Dr Sujoy Bannerjee said. “A team led by Prof Vibhuti Rai of Lucknow University’s geology department is drawing up a digital elevation model.”

According to media reports, apart from serving as an attraction for backpackers, the safari will house a lion breeding centre of international standards to augment the captive population of the magnificent Asiatic lion in the country.

But wildlife experts expressed doubts about the viability of the UP government’s ambitious plan. Conservationist Ananda Banerjee observed, “The first hurdle for the UP government would be procuring lions from its counterpart in Gujarat. The latter has submitted in the Supreme Court that it will not hand over lions to anyone. It refused the Madhya Pradesh government’s request in this regard.”

Source: Daily Mail