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ESTA renews contract with Intergraph

HUNTSVILLE, Ala., USA: The Emergency Services Telecommunications Authority (ESTA) of Victoria, Australia, a multi-agency emergency services zone handling more than 1.8 million emergency calls a year, has renewed its computer aided dispatch (CAD) contract with Intergraph.

ESTA handles call-taking, emergency dispatch and related information transfer services for emergency services for the 4.5 million residents of Victoria, Australia. ESTA is responsible for dispatching calls for the following agencies: Country Fire Authority (CFA); Metropolitan Ambulance VictoriaService (AV); Metropolitan Fire Brigade (MFB); Victoria Police (VicPol); and, Victoria State Emergency Service (VICSES). ESTA’s team of 400 calltakers and dispatchers serves the State of Victoria, excluding rural ambulance and police.

ESTA and its Intergraph CAD system most recently proved helpful in being able to scale to meet dramatically increased demand during the terrifying fires that burned throughout Victoria in February when calls for CFA Regional soared from the average 125 calls per day to a high of 2,014.