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ESR?s ArcLogistics Route has Territory Planning Functionality

ESRI has announced that two business partners have developed a territory-planning module that complements ArcLogistics Route. The business partners are RouteSmart Technologies, Inc., and Infinite Enterprises. ArcLogistics Route has primarily been a dynamic routing application for fleets, and this new functionality opens many additional markets that existing and potential users have been asking for.

The territory-planning module takes advantage of the RouteSmart partitioning techniques and Infinite Enterprises’ expertise in plugin and MapObjects development, within the familiar ArcLogistics Route graphical user interface. The territory-planning module will allow users to create territories with tens of thousands of customers and to geographically balance them while maintaining business rules that the user selects. In addition, it will allow users to “balance” daily routes based on user business rules such as hours of operation, number of stops, revenue generated, and more.