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Esri’s Bill Shepherd dead

Singapore: Bill Shepherd, strategic business development, Esri Singapore passed away on October 2 after suffering a heart attack.

Mr. Shepherd joined ESRI in 1991. During the initial years, he worked at ESRI’s headquarters in Redlands, California, but maintained an international focus in most of his activities. He went on to open ESRI International offices in Singapore and Hong Kong.

Mr. Shepherd also served as the Director of the ESRI Asia office in Singapore where his responsibilities included strategic business development in Southeast Asia as well as account management for global accounts.

Over the years, Mr. Shepherd served in a number of roles at ESRI, ranging from technical marketing and sales, to channel development and management, business development and strategic sales and account management. He worked with a number of clients, representing many industries and applications for GIS technology. His experience included mapping and cartographic production, cadastral and land management, transportation, asset and facility management, logistics and delivery scheduling, urban and regional planning, as well as environmental analysis and management.