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ESRI’s ArcGIS now supports Lizardtech’s lossless MrSID

Expanding on the market acceptance of Lizardtech’s lossless MrSID technology, Lizardtech has announced viewing support for MrSID Generation 3 (MG3) into ESRI’s ArcGIS product line. ESRI ArcGIS users now can take advantage of MrSID lossless and advanced lossy images in their ArcGIS applications for feature classification, military applications or other mission critical imaging uses. Incorporated into the recently released GeoExpress with MrSID version 3.0, lossless MrSID technology preserves images with pixel-for-pixel fidelity in a greatly compressed format, easily reusable in future applications. Once in lossless format, MrSID imagery can be repurposed for fast and easy
distribution at any compression ratio.ESRI users from ArcView 3 to ArcGIS can now dramatically improve their imaging capabilities with our next-generation MrSID technology in GeoExpress. GeoExpress will not only allow users to encode into advanced
lossless and lossy MrSID formats, but they can also use other recent workflow enhancements in ArcGIS such as the ability to mosaic individual MrSID tiles or create localized updates on existing MrSID mosaics. Lossless MrSID is wavelet-based imaging technology that dramaticallyincreases the value of geospatial data by making it more accessible anduseful while maintaining the highest level of quality and accuracy. Lossless
technology maintains numeric pixel fidelity between original and encoded imagery, enabling geospatial imagery to be used in new applications, on more devices and across more networks. In addition, it provides significantreductions in the cost of storing, sharing and using geospatial information.Automatic Mosaicking Saves Image Creation Time In addition to the lossless data capability, advanced mosaicking features included in GeoExpress allow users to easily create a single mosaic automatically from multiple sources. In an industry-first, organizations that update imagery, such as governments, data providers and civil engineering firms, will be able to update existing MrSID mosaics without re-encoding. They will also be able to mosaic existing tiled MrSID images into a seamless MrSID mosaic, automatically. Together, these benefits will save time and reduce storage needs.

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