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ESRI Workshops Focus on ArcGIS 8.3 Migration

ESRI is offering workshops to highlight new features that ArcGIS 8.3 gives to ArcEditor and ArcInfo users. The workshops will focus on how to migrate from coverages to a geodatabase for data management. Managers and users of coverage data will become familiar with the enhanced topology and data modeling tools of the geodatabase in ArcGIS 8.3 and the enhanced, flexible environment it creates.
A geodatabase helps users improve the way they organize information, ensuring more accurate, better validated, and easier-to-maintain data. A new methodology and set of tools in ArcGIS 8.3 help define, validate, and maintain topology in the geodatabase.
The workshops will consist of lectures, demonstrations, and discussions of crucial concepts that guide users through the process of moving coverage data into a geodatabase. Case studies, techniques, practical tips, a question and answer session, and other presentations will be featured throughout the day to provide ample resources and information to participants.
The day-long workshops will be held across the United States in March and April.