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ESRI, Unisys enter strategic relationship to provide Enterprise GIS Solutions

Unisys and ESRI have announced a strategic relationship that can lower the cost of a geographic information system (GIS) for organizations that need a large-scale, enterprise hardware and GIS software solution. This new relationship will provide ESRI’s ArcSDE clients with high-performance Windows 2000 servers. ESRI is a Unisys Marketing Associate and Value Added Reseller, and Unisys is an ESRI business partner and consultant.

One organization benefiting from the newly announced ESRI and Unisys relationship is the North Carolina Floodplain Mapping Project, a consortium of state and federal agencies chartered to map and analyze the flooding potential of watersheds throughout the State of North Carolina. The organization recently selected ESRI software, the Unisys Enterprise Server ES7000 configured with storage from EMC Corporation, Microsoft Windows 2000 Datacenter Server, and SQL Server 2000. Watershed Concepts, a company specializing in floodplain analysis, has been chosen to provide the implementation services for the project. ESRI and Unisys will also offer “GIS-in-a-Box,” a solution that includes ESRI software and a pre-configured package of Unisys servers combined with EMC disk storage for smaller enterprise GIS requirements.

Unisys and ESRI will work together to provide enterprise-wide, Windows 2000 scalable solutions that are easy to deploy and provide rich functionality. Markets such as state, local, and federal governments; banking; energy; health care; insurance; telecommunications; and transportation can benefit from this new relationship. ESRI is already using multiple ES7000s as development and testing platforms.