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Esri UK to supply cloud-based GIS services to public sector

Aylesbury, UK: The UK Government Procurement Service selected Esri UK to supply cloud-based GIS services to the UK public sector under the new G-Cloud Framework Agreement. The G-Cloud Framework has created an online catalogue (the “CloudStore”) from which customers may select and purchase from over 1,700 information and communications services available to the UK public sector.  The G-Cloud services include a web-based GIS that allows customers to create and publish their own bespoke maps, combining a range of basemap options with the customer’s own geospatially-referenced data.  Esri UK’s GIS services are listed in the Software as a Service (SaaS) genre within the catalogue.

According to the Cabinet Office: “The G-Cloud framework is set to revolutionise the purchasing, management and delivery of public sector IT services and the way suppliers work with government.  Public sector organisations will be able to purchase “off-the-shelf” IT services from CloudStore on a “pay-as-you-go” basis rather than having to develop their own systems.  This model means the government can use what it wants, when it wants it, and save money by avoiding duplication of services that cannot be shared.”

“Esri UK applauds the Government’s initiative to launch G-Cloud and we are proud to be part of the programme” said Stephen Leece, Esri UK’s General Manager for Government.  “We look forward to delivering cloud-based GIS services to the public sector and to offering enhanced solutions in future G-Cloud phases.”

Source: Esri UK