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Esri UK supports National Heritage List for England

Aylesbury, UK: Esri UK announced that its ArcGIS Server technology is supporting English Heritage to help visualise all entries on its recently launched ‘The National Heritage List for England’.
The National Heritage List for England is a new online database of the UK’s 400,000 listed buildings, registered parks, gardens and battlefields, protected shipwrecks and scheduled monuments. For the first time, separate registers and lists for different types of heritage are combined in one and the public can search easily, online, for heritage by postcode, by date, by grade or by any category from listed building to lamp-post.
Viewers of any of the designated heritage sites can now see a fully annotated map for each entry, view the distribution of search results in an interactive map, and submit nominations and alterations to the list for consideration. The online mapping capability and submission forms are fully integrated with the internal corporate systems, using Esri’s GIS technology.
The mapping integration project was undertaken by the English Heritage Development Centre in Swindon, using a tool kit developed on behalf of English Heritage by Esri UK. The tool kit allows specific mapping functionality and applications to be configured and deployed by English Heritage staff, specifically supporting the requirements of the website, rather than deploying a standard template.
Source: Esri UK