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ESRI (UK) secures

UK: The Scottish Police Services Authority (SPSA), which provides expert support services to the country’s eight police forces and criminal justice community, will deploy the ESRI (UK) software, services and training to forces and associated agencies to allow a more consistent, accurate and efficient approach to managing and responding to incidents at all levels across the country.

All forces currently use GIS technology, but with the ESRI software roll-out it is claimed that for the first time all forces in Scotland will share a national system across the country. The software will be linked to centralised incident data, providing the Scottish police community with a single source of accurate and up to date information, which will help improve overall understanding of crime patterns while enhancing intelligence exchange between forces.

For improved response, emergency calls from all parts of Scotland will be geographically coded and linked to the GIS system, which will plot calls by postcode. This will allow call handlers – the software can manage up to 600 calls at any one time – to deploy police from the nearest location, enhancing response times and ensuring the most efficient use of resources.