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Esri to track distribution of aid flows to developing nations

US: Esri will provide software, data, online services, training and professional services support to the AidData Center for Development Policy. The centre, which will be headquartered at the College of William & Mary (W&M) in Williamsburg, Virginia, will seek to dramatically increase global aid transparency. It was created with a five-year, USD 25 million award from the United States Agency for International Development (USAID).

“The centre will build a global network of geographers, health scientists, economists, political scientists, computer scientists and statisticians who are committed to helping USAID and other development agencies reduce the cost and increase the impact of their aid programs,” said AidData co-executive director Brad Parks.

Esri”s ArcGIS Online, along with other technologies, will provide a platform for taxpayers in donor countries, development organizations, and beneficiaries to draw on the largest collection of development finance activity data in the world through interactive maps and web and mobile applications. Key objectives of the centre include the following:
-Building capacity in the collection and use of geocoded aid information
-Supporting the development of innovative technologies that make it easier to track aid distribution and impact
-Creating a global, interdisciplinary network of experts that will help USAID and other aid agencies solve critical development challenges

The newly established AidData Center for Development Policy is a joint venture between W&M, Brigham Young University (BYU), the University of Texas at Austin (UT-Austin), Development Gateway (DG), and Esri. The new center will build on the work of AidData (a partnership between W&M, BYU and DG), which has established itself as a global leader in the provision of reliable, timely and detailed information about foreign assistance projects. Esri has been a partner to AidData for the past two years, providing numerous technology, support, and outreach resources to support its efforts.

Source: Esri