Esri to help non-profit organisations with GIS

Esri to help non-profit organisations with GIS


California, India: Esri president Jack Dangermond announced a new programme that helps qualified non-profit organisations acquire and get started with ArcGIS GIS software. The programme is intended to make it easier and more affordable for these organisations to incorporate spatial analysis, mapping and geographic data management into their local and global efforts.

Dangermond, who made the announcement at the Gov 2.0 Summit in Washington, D.C., said, “Countless non-profit organisations with many different levels of hardworking staff and volunteers are trying to make our world a better place. With this flexible programme, we hope to give these organisations the tools they need to better visualise and analyse spatial information so that they can accomplish their various missions.”

The programme allows qualified non-profit organisations to request up to 75 seats of ArcGIS Desktop and 2 seats of ArcGIS Server software per organisation. Alternatively, organisations can choose from four levels of a special non-profit organisation enterprise license agreement (ELA) designed to meet the needs of larger operations. Both ArcGIS Desktop and ArcGIS Server software include all extensions.

Source: Esri