ESRI to demonstrate Flex 2 mapping APIs

ESRI to demonstrate Flex 2 mapping APIs


Redlands, USA, September 14, 2007: ESRI will demonstrate the Flex-based mapping technology at Adobe MAX 2007, which takes place between September 30 and October 3 in Chicago, Illinois. ESRI’s ArcWeb Services senior architect Mansour Raad will use real-world examples to demonstrate going beyond simple maps and directions by building Web 2.0-style applications that help increase efficiency, reduce costs, and close sales.

“Flex has enabled us to create Web services that present mapping and geographic content in compelling ways that simply weren’t possible before in a Web-enabled application,” says Raad. “Now our customers can quickly build very expressive Web 2.0 applications to solve problems rather than just display maps.”

ESRI hosts two APIs that are based on Adobe Flex 2: the ArcWeb Services Flex API beta and the ArcWeb Services JavaScript API. The ArcWeb Services Flex API provides full control over all the mapping functionality and layers of geographic content via Macromedia XML (MXML) and ActionScript. The API is now available for evaluation as a public beta.

The ArcWeb Services JavaScript API is designed for the rapid deployment of rich Internet mapping applications. It offers an AJAX library to control a client-side SWF file and handle the remote resource requests with ESRI mapping servers. The ArcWeb Services JavaScript API saves time because most of the complex mapping, visualization, and analysis functionality have been prebuilt into the AJAX library. This is a benefit for developers who previously had to build this functionality from scratch.