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Esri ties up with MCH Strategic Data to provide plan data on COVID-19

Esri announced it has entered into partnership with MCH Strategic Data to make data layers available on US school closures, during the COVID-19 pandemic. Both companies have made school closure data accessible from a public dashboard to help educational institutes and families to understand the situation in their communities better. MCH Strategic Data, a subsidiary of Wilson Marketing Group, provides information for the healthcare, education, government, and religious sectors.

Ryan Lanclos, Esri director of public safety solutions said, “These datasets are useful for governments, school officials, and businesses providing leadership, resources, and community programs during the COVID-19 response.”

“But of utmost importance, this is a source of critical information for the community. It provides transparent and useful information that can help families develop a personal plan when they are feeling their most vulnerable,” he added as per per esri.com .

With the pandemic spreading across the globe, Esri and MCH have introduced an extra resources like the MCH School Status Updates to help organizations understand the situation in a better way and also identify potential community risk areas when schools in the US start with an to open back up, and take stock of the capacity required to respond.

“Our customers depend on us to provide insight to the school market so they can respond effectively and appropriately during this challenging time,” Kelly Holder, MCH chief information officer said according to the website.

The Esri COVID-19 GIS Hub site helps in providing this data , along with social vulnerability, case locations and social vulnerability that communities and health organizations can use to inform their response.