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ESRI Thailand to focus more on commercial markets

Thailand: ESRI (Thailand) will focus on the commercial market this year, especially fast-growing consumer goods, to boost Geographic Information System (GIS) revenue by 20% to Bt1.7 billion, of which Bt100 million will come from the FMCG segment, according to a report published on the portal of Thailand-based news media, The Nation.

The report quotes ESRI Thailand’s General Manager, Krairop Luangithai, stating that this year ESRI aims to increase the ratio of private to government revenue from 30:70 last year to 35:65. Its strategy is to provide GIS solutions including maps and software to FMCG firms. In the same report, Simon Thompson, director of commercial business for ESRI, added that the company’s commercial business worldwide grew 25 per cent annually through the past five years. “In the Asia-Pacific region, the business leaped 35 per cent annually in the last two years. Thailand's market growth runs around 25%."

Source: Nation Multimedia