Esri StreetMap Premium with NAVTEQ Data released

Esri StreetMap Premium with NAVTEQ Data released


California, US: Esri StreetMap Premium along with NAVTEQ map data has been released. It includes both an expansion of coverage to include Mexico and an advanced version with new data and functionality. The advanced version provides users with a greater level of precision for geocoding for the United States and additional routing capabilities for the United States, Canada and Mexico.

StreetMap Premium is an enhanced, ready-to-use street dataset that provides geocoding, routing, and high-quality map display. The software works with Esri’s ArcGIS software, an integrated collection of GIS software products that provides a complete platform for spatial analysis and data management and access to cartographic information throughout an organisation. According to the company, StreetMap Premium Advanced takes geocoding and routing to the next level for users who need to geocode down to the point level or more efficiently route their vehicles.

“With the release of StreetMap Premium Advanced, we can now offer the geocoding precision and professional-grade routing capabilities that GIS professionals expect from us,” said Christophe Charpentier, ArcGIS content product manager, Esri.

“The integration of NAVTEQ Traffic Patterns, NAVTEQ Transport and Point Addressing into Esri’s StreetMap Premium Advanced product increases efficiencies and enhances the user experience by providing accurate address geocoding match rates, efficient routing and superior basemaps,” said Roy Kolstad, Vice President, Enterprise Americas, NAVTEQ.

Some of the features of StreetMap Premium include:
Geocode to the door level—Points adjusted to the road provide a precise address location, enabling door-to-door accuracy. This allows positioning of a geocoded point on a main building or the centroid of a parcel.
Leverage historical traffic data—Incorporating average speed of travel for specific sections of roadways results in more accurate arrival time estimates and avoidance of congestion based on the day of a week and time of a day.
Manage transport restrictions—Detailed road attributes, such as physical or legal restrictions, hazmat warnings, and points of interest specific to the transport industry, help leverage the efficiency of turn-by-turn navigation and route optimisation for trucks and other large vehicles.

Source: Esri