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Esri starts preparations for Geodesign Summit 2017

Esri has started preparations for its annual Geodesign Summit 2017.
Esri has started preparations for its annual Geodesign Summit 2017.

US: For the next year’s Esri Geodesign Summit, the GIS mapping company, has started working before time. The summit is expected to continue around a holistic approach of building smarter communities. Attendees include planning professionals across all levels of government, commercial firms, academia, and nongovernmental organizations that want to learn how to prepare for geodesign and support their agencies well into the future.

“The Geodesign Summit will be an exciting opportunity to witness how geodesign and other innovative techniques and technologies are bringing energy and new ideas to planning and related disciplines,” said James Drinan, executive director of the American Planning Association (APA).

It is becoming increasingly clear that we have to change the way we build and design our communities. Geodesign was introduced as a concept to change our approach to planning. If we are going to continue this effort to build smart, livable, and resilient communities, we need to reexamine our assumptions about what it means to plan for a rapidly evolving world.

Seating is limited. Do not miss this opportunity to be part of this movement.

Join the Geodesign Summit 2017 to:

  • See how geographic information system (GIS) and geodesign will change the way you think about the planning practice
  • Learn how planning in 3D is becoming the norm
  • Understand how simple apps transform workflows and improve citizen engagement
  • Realize the importance of developing and training a workforce that leverages new tools and technology

Speakers Include:

  • Jack Dangermond, Esri Founder and President
  • James Drinan, APA Executive Director


  • Esri Headquarters – Redlands, California

January 24-26, 2017

To learn more about the summit, visit go.esri.com/pr-geodesignsummit