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ESRI showcases SEDA’s property search map

US: The Savannah Economic Development Authority’s (SEDA) online Property Search map is now available at ESRI’s web-based solution Business Analyst Online (BAO). ESRI’s business partner BinaryBus implemented the solution using the BAO API .

“It saves us a lot of time,” said Amanda Taylor, project manager, SEDA. “It’s a quicker, more efficient way to give people the information they need to understand the economic landscape and possibilities in Savannah. And they love being able to go to the site and do this research for themselves.”

Prior to expanding the Property Search map application, SEDA provided census data for Chatham County on the Web site and purchased individual BAO reports for interested businesses. Now that BAO is integrated into the web site, visitors have immediate access to critical demographic data for Chatham County and beyond, which helps them accurately assess the labor market and customers around the Savannah region.

“There’s no way we would have been able to buy the data for the 11 surrounding counties that make up our labor draw area,” noted Taylor. “It used to be that when a site visitor searched outside a 10-mile radius of a property, it would fall outside of the county lines and skew the results. In terms of accuracy, the improvement is huge.”

Source: ESRI