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ESRI ships RouteMAP IMS 2.5

ESRI has announced that RouteMAP IMS 2.5 is now shipping. The latest release of this affordably priced, out-of-the-box Internet mapping solution brings many new functions, offers new options, enhances performance, and increases user flexibility. RouteMAP IMS is designed to help users add mapping and routing capabilities to their Web site. Map templates included in RouteMAP IMS make it easy to create maps with symbols for unique company locations. Users can select the map data they need to produce attractive Internet maps from the data package options. They can also create customized maps using the provided ActiveX and Java application programming interfaces (APIs). RouteMAP IMS also enables users to generate more business activity by allowing prospective customers visiting their Web site to see maps and get driving directions to their various business locations.

RouteMAP IMS lets users

  • Publish custom maps to the Web with symbols for unique locations.
  • Display and print driving directions and maps to locations.
  • Search for business locations within a one- to 3,000-mile radius or perform a polygon search.
  • Create map routes between locations with the option of optimized multiple stops.
  • Zoom in, zoom out, pan, and measure distances.
  • Edit map feature layers.
  • Read ESRI shapefile format for user-added map layers.
  • Choose from available data sets for the United States and Europe.

New features in RouteMAP IMS 2.5 include

  • Dun & Bradstreet ¯ Includes 16 million integrated Dun & Bradstreet business listings (United States only).
  • Buffer Search¯Find what is nearby along a route and see the results in the driving directions as well as on the map.
  • Java API¯Create custom map applications with the new Java API (in addition to the ActiveX API).
  • Dynamic Database Connection¯Updates database locations via active connection to Oracle, dBASE, Microsoft SQL Server and Access, or other
    ODBC-compliant applications.