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Esri sets up research and development centre in China

Redlands, US: Esri has established a research and development (R&D) centre in Beijing, China. The centre will provide GIS software development to support China’s many growing industries.

Using ArcGIS, Esri’s Chinese software engineers will be developing core technologies for web- and cloud-based mapping systems, advanced spatial information visualisation and mobile mapping solutions.

“The Esri (Beijing) Software Research and Development Center allows Esri to bring its expertise in advanced spatial technology, software development and information management to China and provide localised software and services that meet the needs of GIS users,” said Scott Morehouse, Esri’s director of software development.

Esri has been supporting GIS users in China for 20 years. The R&D center in Beijing affirms Esri’s commitment to continue to nurture and support GIS technology for the country. Furthermore, by employing local software developers, Esri will help advance the spatial technology expertise of the Chinese workforce and enable China’s GIS community to extend its influence to Esri’s global customer base.

Source: Esri