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DCSE and ESRI announced that Map Library from DCSE has been selected as the online repository for the electronic versions of map displays that will be viewable at this year’s ESRI User Conference, to be held July 8–12 at the San Diego Convention Center. Map Library will enable Web surfers to search for and view digital versions of the maps that will be on display at the User Conference.

Each year, the Map Gallery is one of the most popular events at the Annual ESRI International User Conference. Hundreds of users showcase their best work in the Map Gallery where maps, posters, and Internet map sites can be found on display. Prior to bringing their displays to the conference, these participants have an opportunity to submit the digital versions of their displays to Map Library (https://gallery.dcse.com/map_library).

In prior years, ESRI selected only a few of the map displays for Internet publishing and inclusion in its annual ESRI Map Book publication. This year, all the displays and the information about them that are uploaded to Map Library will be viewable over the Internet.

The Map Library application, available from DCSE, allows organizations to publish and catalog production-quality maps, making them available to all members of the enterprise. Metadata is captured at the time the map is published, making it easily searchable via Map Library’s Web-based interface or the Metadata Explorer from ESRI. There is also an extension to ESRI’s ArcGIS, built and distributed by DCSE, that allows GIS specialists to directly publish their maps into Map Library.