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ESRI Romania teams with IBM to win National Cadastre and LRIS Contract

ESRI and IBM have announced that after a two and one-half year review and evaluation process, ESRI Romania has won the geographic information system (GIS) component for General Cadastre and Land Registration Information System (LRIS) project awarded by the Romanian government. ESRI software was the designated GIS solution for the top three bids, while IBM was the team leader for the winning bid and will serve as system integrator.

Romania’s Ministry of Justice (MoJ) is in charge of the land registry part of the project, and the National Office for Cadastre, Geodesy, and Cartography (NOCGC) is responsible for developing and maintaining the cadastral databases as well as managing the geodetic and mapping activities.

In preparation for the tender, ESRI Romania worked closely with the faculty of Geodesy in Bucharest during the past three years. Together, they developed an optimally performing architecture to comply with the specifications of the complex system requirements.

The GIS platform will be used for information technology applications development and is based on ESRI’s new ArcGIS family of products. ArcSDE will be used for spatial data management, and ArcIMS will provide Internet capabilities. ArcIMS will allow citizens to have access to public cadastral data, while the Intranet will promote the exchange of data between the MoJ and NOCGC as well as other potential users such as Public Administration and the Ministry of Finance. Performance-driven mapping solutions will be provided using the well-proven ArcGIS technology.