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ESRI releases the 2006 Community Sourcebooks

California, USA, 10 July 2006: ESRI announced on July 10, the release of its printed sourcebooks, ‘Community Sourcebook of ZIP Code Demographics and Community Sourcebook of County Demographics’. These new sourcebooks contain post hurricane population findings along with updates and projections for demographic data such as population, age distribution, and income.

“The catastrophic effects of the 2005 hurricane season are reflected in the 2006/2011 data included in ESRI’s 2006 sourcebooks,” says Catherine Spisszak, Data Product Manager. Information in the sourcebooks represents results derived from ESRI’s demographic data methodologies.

Community Sourcebook of ZIP Code Demographics includes reference information such as the top Community Tapestry consumer classification types for each ZIP Code, demographic and spending potential data, and a directory of nonresidential ZIP Codes. Spending potential indexes are also included for 20 categories such as financial services, home improvement, health insurance, etc.

Community Sourcebook of County Demographics contains demographic and spending potential data for every county in the United States. Summary data for each Designated Market Area and Core Based Statistical Area is also available in Community Sourcebook of County Demographics.