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ESRI releases PLTS for ArcGIS

USA – The air navigation and aviation industry will have an easier way to create and manage centralized spatial data, increase their efficiency, and rely on an end-to-end workflow management with the release of Production Line Tool Set (PLTS) for ArcGIS 9.3—Aeronautical Solution. ESRI’s latest release of the software continues to be the foundation of an Aeronautical Information Management (AIM) system, using the geographic approach for increased productivity and creating more accurate data.

“This release of Aeronautical Solution enhances our support for true AIM systems by providing tools and workflows that make the processes more manageable and efficient,” says Michael Gayheart, Aeronautical Solution product manager. “Based on feedback from key customers, we’ve focused on productivity, usability, and workflow management that provides a more robust end-to-end environment. For our new customers, we’ve included a sample implementation in the box.”

Aena, the Spanish airports and air navigation service provider, has implemented Aeronautical Solution and finds the software is critical for the management of aeronautical information, providing a strong system for the complete production process from data input and validation to chart production. “ESRI’s Aeronautical Solution makes AIS [Aeronautical Information System] activities so much easier to manage,” says Javier Fenoll Rejas from the AIS Technical Implementation Group at Aena. “The software gives Aena the ability to design, produce, and print high-quality charts that are used by pilots and flight planners for all aspects of flight, from precision approaches to mission planning, and opens the way for implementation of modern concepts in the domains of AIM and SWIM [System Wide Information Management].”

Aeronautical Solution combines many tools for a more streamlined and efficient production environment including the ability to perform quality control in batch and to integrate ESRI’s Job Tracking for ArcGIS (JTX) software for improved workflow management. A new product library organizes and controls the production system, and the ability for change management gives users additional utilities and workflows that support reporting and work management based on data changes. These change management tools enable users to answer questions such as, Where has the data changed in the past week? and What charts need to be reviewed and published?

The system is completely database driven, and data is “one touch,” meaning that features existing on multiple charts or products exist as one collection of objects in the database instead of stand-alone graphics. This makes it easier to enforce quality control and run a production environment smoothly. A sample implementation, complete with sample data, sample charts, and preconfigured workflows, is shipped with the product, making it easier than ever to become familiar with the technology. The solution capitalizes on ESRI’s world-leading enterprise platform, ArcGIS, providing a service-oriented architecture framework and cutting-edge server capability. The open system is extendable to interoperate with Terminal Instrument Procedures (TERPS), Procedures for Air Navigation Services—Operations (PANS-OPS), and Aeronautical Information Publication (AIP) applications.

Whether users have an automated data feed or are building aeronautical information with the Aeronautical Solution editing tools, the process contains quality control and work efficiency tools to make the process of creating complex aeronautical data and products straightforward. Aeronautical Solution is ideally suited for civil and military aeronautical agencies, commercial airlines, and commercial chart producers. For more information, visit www.esri.com/plts, contact your local ESRI reseller, or call ESRI directly at 1-800-970-0033. Users outside the United States should contact their ESRI international distributor (www.esri.com/distributors).